Why You Need The Best Braces Colors (Very Important)

Girls are normally more adventurous than boys when it comes to choosing colors for their braces from the many available braces colors. Boys will want safe colors such as red, green, and blue, while girls will want to be colorful and would choose colors such as pink and purple.

This excitement is not only found in children, but also in adults.

When you book an appointment with your orthodontist to put new braces on your teeth or to tighten the already existing braces, you will find yourself wondering about the best color to choose and how to choose it from the many colors and the seemingly endless color combinations.

The following are tips on how to choose your colors well and bring out that perfect smile in you.

If you are going for the braces for the first time, make sure you ask your orthodontist if he or she has a color wheel before the day of your appointment.

Learn about it through friends and family. This will make you familiar with the colors before the day of the appointment.


Understand the color wheel. If your orthodontist has a color wheel, then you can search for one online and try to understand how it works.

An interactive color wheel will be the best because it will allow you to experiment different colors on a picture of teeth with braces.

However, the colors you see on the wheel are darker than what you will get from your orthodontist. Keep in mind that some colors you find online may not be available with your orthodontist.

Try different color combinations and compare the outcome.

7717670370_34935cf4da_zFor instance, you can consider colors such as holiday colors (orange and black for Halloween or green and red for Christmas), sports colors, silver and gold, national flag colors, schools colors, and favorite colors.

Consider your natural skin color. You should consider colors that will compliment well with your natural skin color or even the color of your hair. This will enhance your smile and appearance.

For instance, if your skin and hair are dark, you can consider dark blue, pink, orange, anise green, violet, gold, or pastel blue.

But if your skin and hair are light, consider green khaki, bronze, salmon, raspberry, petrol blue, royal blue, bluish red, caramel, or vermilion. These are good examples but you can always go for your favorite colors.

Consider your wardrobe. You should choose your colors according to the favorite colors of your clothes.

For example, if most of your clothes feature primary colors, choosing a primary color for your braces will compliment your dressing as well. If your wardrobe features neon color, go for neutral braces such as clear braces.

Eliminate unwanted and strange colors. Braces normally have bands and the color of the bands is of utmost importance to your grooming. If the bands’ color is black, when you smile people may think that you did not brush your teeth well.

2993832394_d3de22053d_zThe bands will look like tiny food particles left between your teeth. While white may be a great choice, it turns the color of teeth to yellow and makes them dirty especially when you take a colored drink.

If your teeth are not pure white, try to avoid the gold and yellow colors as they will intensify the yellow color of your teeth.

Maintain your braces by following a good oral hygiene procedure. After every meal, brush your teeth.

If during the day you are at work or in school, carry a toothbrush to ensure that you brush after meals or snacks. Make sure you floss your teeth twice a day.

Though it may be painful but with a floss threader you can floss your teeth perfectly.

Do not forget to buy mouthwash and use it at least once per day.

While choosing colors for your braces can be a daunting task, having the guidelines on how to go about it can make the experience really fun. However, if you choose a color and you end up not liking it, you can always change on your next appointment.

With these tips, you will never go wrong when choosing colors.

Check out this cool video above to see what type of braces colors are available and how they look when they are on.