Braces Before & After Pictures (Why You Need To See This)

Do you want to know what to expect on your braces before and after?

Getting dental braces can be a scary thing for some people primarily because they don’t know what to look forward to.

Don’t be scared because this is your journey to a perfect and bright smile.

During Consultation

The doctor will not be putting the brackets right away. First, he has to evaluate your teeth if you are a good candidate for this dental procedure.

An x-ray will be taken so the dentist will be able to analyse the misalignment on your teeth. Based on the findings, the type of dental appliances will be chosen whether it is metal or ceramic. This depends on your specific and unique personal condition.

4111098512_57ca98077fThe Doctor’s Advice

You will be asked about your final decision. Would you like to proceed with the entire process? This may take several years depending on how severe the condition of your teeth is.

The cost will also be discussed. If you are opting for more modern appliances like ceramic braces, expect the price to increase a little higher.

During Installation of Braces

Relax and avoid thinking anything negative. You might have heard from other patients that it is a painful experience, but mostly it is not true. If your pain tolerance is low, it could hurt a little but not much. The dentist will use a lip separator to open your mouth wide. This is essential so you won’t get tired.

How does it feel?

Each bracket will be glued on your teeth. The procedure may take an hour or two, and sometimes even longer than that. If your parents are coming with you, ask them to bring something that will keep them busy like an iPod or a music gadget.

Other than that, don’t worry because it will not hurt. Just expect your gums to feel tender the next day. The orthodontist will tell you to avoid eating anything crunchy like peanuts and crackers.

During the Treatment

You will need to visit the dental clinic every 6-10 weeks for your braces to be adjusted. As each tooth shifts to its correct position, the wires will also need to be tightened or loosened. You will also get a chance to change the colors of the rubber during the treatment.

Does it hurt?

It may hurt. After the adjustment of wires, you will find it uncomfortable to eat during the first few days. Pain relievers will be necessary to ease the discomfort.

Maintain eating soft foods like fruits, oatmeal, soup and yogurt. In general, the pains will go away after 3 to 4 days, and your eating habit should go back to normal as well.

2257107165_a275472b55Caring for Your Braces

Dental hygiene is extremely important while you are undergoing this procedure.

Each time you eat, food particles and residues can easily get through in between the brackets.

This will result to dental problems like gingivitis and other diseases. Visit your orthodontist every 3 months for professional cleaning. Using an electric toothbrush is also a good way to clean your teeth.

Keep a Journal

Many patients write a journal or a blog to document the changes in their teeth. This is advisable if you want to see the difference between your before and after pictures. Monthly blog updates will allow you to enjoy the gradual improvement in your smile and laugh.

After the Process

The dentist will schedule the appointment/calendar of your dental procedure. Only the orthodontist can tell when it is about time to take off the brackets.

Be patient because they know what is best for you. Once the brackets are completely removed, you can start flaunting your beautifully aligned teeth. No need to hide your smile anymore!

What to consider

As part of the dental method, you will be required to wear retainers. These are appliances that keep the teeth on their proper places. You cannot skip this part. Another aspect to think of is hygiene.

Whether you wore braces or not, it is necessary to visit the office of your dentist to have your gums and teeth checked. Cavities and tartars easily build up so stay healthy by maintaining a balanced diet plus hygienic practices.

Check out the the pics and video above to see pics of peoples teeth before and after they had braces.